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Overlay network

Research on techniques of autonomous distributed systems where a large number of computers cooperate with each other.

[Keywords] Skip Graph, Flexible Routing Tables, Range query, Partial match query, etc.

Publish/Subscribe messaging

Publish/Subscribe model is a communication pattern where senders and receivers are loosely-coupled. Our research mainly focuses on the scalability of the broker.

[Keywords] MQTT, Topic-based Pub/Sub, SDN (OpenFlow), Edge computing, etc.


Research on developing platforms to provide various services by connected things.

[Keywords] Industrial IoT, oneM2M, Network-based BMI, Wearable sensor, etc.


Blockchain is a fundamental technique for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Our research mainly focuses on its network structure.

[Keywords] SimBlock, Relay network, etc.

Web mining

Research on analyzing data obtained from Social Networking Services (SNSs).

[Keywords] Emotion estimation, Similarity estimation, etc.